Project Kahn is renowned the world over for developing modern variations of iconic high-powered vehicles. Principal British designer, Afzal Kahn has now turned his attention to the iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Over the last year, British designer Afzal Kahn and his team have developed a comprehensive new look for the German classic, creating the Mercedes G Class Carbon Wide Track edition.

Visually, this fashionable Classic Grey G Class is simply unmistakable; embodying what a stylish bespoke conversion should look like.

Complementing the classic streamlined design of the original vehicle, the new luxurious styling package consists of widened front and rear wings give the Mercedes an aggressive look, whilst harking back to the robust styling of the original vehicle.

A stunning combination of a carbon bonnet overlay, lower bumper spoiler, front grille, rear roof spoiler and roof shield enhances the aggressive silhouette of the vehicle.

Kahn wheels sit perfectly, on any vehicle, conveying the essence of the vehicle’s identity. Created using state of the art manufacturing and materials technology, the Kahn Type 57 Monoblock forged wheels are available in 23″ fitment and fit all original centre caps.

With simple clean lines, soft organic surfaces on the edge of the spoke and a purposeful mechanical centre, the Kahn Type 57 wheels are synonymous with elegance and innovation.

An optional crosshair exhaust system (100 mill tailpipes) in addition to Continental SportContact™ 6 tyres improves on-road handling precision, comfort and driving stability, thus ensuring excellent ground clearance and good axle articulation. The tyres Black Chili technology ensures maximum grip in all directions and enables a supreme driving experience.

„The Mercedes G Class Carbon Wide Track edition is adorned with a plethora of styling enhancements that only Project Kahn can provide for our discerning clients,” said Afzal Kahn.

„The G Class is the ideal platform for us to demonstrate our partnership with Continental, who are our high performance tyre partner.

„Continental’s range of Sport Contact™ 6 tyres are ideal for high performance grip, handling and braking. Picking the best high-performance tyre is vital, and I am delighted that Continental has handpicked the Project Kahn Mercedes G Class Carbon Wide Track edition as the ideal vehicle to be adorned with the Sport Contact™ 6 tyres.

„This is a great platform for us to demonstrate our high performance vehicles with tyres that are designed and manufactured to work in tandem with such a powerful vehicle.”

Inside, a specially designed Bengal Red interior package is available. However, discerning clients can request a tailor-made interior to their exact specification.

Please be advised, this particular vehicle is available for £224,999.00.

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